The Year in Review

100 years of standards!

In 2022, we were honoured to mark a century of encouraging Swedish competitiveness. Although the year began with Sweden still in the grip of the pandemic, on 18 May we were finally able to launch our anniversary celebrations with a brilliant event in which invited speakers shared their views on the role standardization plays and can play in tackling the challenges the world is facing.

Over the course of the year, we continued to implement SIS’ strategy. This involves a major focus on developing and using standards that contribute towards a sustainable future. Another priority area is digitalizing and automating our operations. The end of the year saw us open a new portal for our members and in 2023 we will be launching new systems for our participants. On top of that, preparations are under way to develop and produce standards in new formats, including XML.

Our stakeholders, both those of you who are engaged in SIS’ standardization work and those of you who are customers, are vital to us! Together we are working hard to develop standardization and build networks that promote Swedish interests. In January we set up the SIS Standardization Fund, which will finance development and enable standardization in new areas. This is an exciting initiative that will fuel progress in the future.

We are also well on the road to recovery in those areas that were hardest hit by the pandemic. By the end of the year, the number of SIS competence partners was almost the same as the number of participants in 2019, now with the added ability to offer a wide portfolio of online training. Sales of SIS Subscriptions are going well and heading towards an all-time high.

I look forward to continuing to develop SIS into a strong standardization platform, where we meet the needs of our stakeholders while boosting Sweden’s competitiveness, encouraging innovation and building a powerful tool for a sustainable future.

Annika Andreasen

Annika Andreasen

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